Civil Society Strengthening

NAG works for community members to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and actively engage in decision marking at local and policy levels. Communities are empowered to respond to their own needs, including during disasters and emergencies.

Flood responses- Magway, Ayeyarwaddy , Sagaing, Mandalay and Rakhine (2015-2016)

NAG implements Hilly Region programs for community asset creation together with enhancing employment and income opportunities for the communities who are facing food shortages. Organized community could develop their community development plans after thorough analysis of their needs and opportunities then the communities were granted capital fund to implement their plans and provided coaching, facilitation, oversight support and other required capacity development by NAG. NAG promotes and builds Women Leadership as traditional norms deter the prospects of women leadership and the role of women in decision makings due to decades enrooted civil conflicts.

NAG mobilizes and organizes community groups and associates as township level association, built their capacity on equity and natural resources management and linking with Forest Department and Regional Government to have access to natural resources through community forestry initiatives.

Experiences with Community-based Development in Myanmar

Since 2008, NAG has worked on more than forty projects in thirteen states and regions. Working with local and international partners and networks, we are working towards a sustainably developed peaceful and prosperous society. NAG has implemented rural development programs and projects at township, district, region and national levels in Central Dry Zone, Coastal and Delta, Hilly Region and South Eastern Part of Myanmar.