NAG livelihood projects improve the economic situation of communities by helping create community-specific business opportunities through increased access to investments, technology and capital. NAG is implementing projects in three main regions of Myanmar: Delta, Dry Zone and Hilly regions.

NAG’s livelihood improvement programs for landless, vulnerable and non-irrigated farmers are funded by LIFT, DCA, and Helvetas working in partnership with Oxfam and Help Age International. Community organizing and mobilization are the entry points of the programs, where participation, inclusion and representation of various social groups are the key elements. The various livelihood groups have been organized and strengthened under the leadership of Village Development Committee (VDC) represented by various social and livelihood groups.

NAG facilitates organizing communities, building their capacities in community development plan process, coaching and providing support during the implementation process, building community capacity on Monitoring & Evaluation and linking community with local government, key departments, private sectors and resource persons. Cash for work (CFW) program is one of the major components in Dry Zone in building resilient livelihood through construction of Soil Conservation and Water Harvesting Measures, Community Forestry & Agro-forestry, Pond Renovation, Pasture Land Development, construction and renovation of rural access road etc.

NAG is renowned for its innovative Fishery and Aquaculture initiatives in Delta funded by MERN and taking technical advisory role in Tat Lan program in Rakhine covering 240 villages funded by LIFT implemented by Oxfam.

NAG promotes and builds women leadership as traditional norms deter the prospects of women leadership and the role of women in decision makings due to decades enrooted civil conflicts in Shan and Karen States.

Experiences with Community-based Development in Myanmar

Since 2008, NAG has worked on more than forty projects in thirteen states and regions. Working with local and international partners and networks, we are working towards a sustainably developed peaceful and prosperous society. NAG has implemented rural development programs and projects at township, district, region and national levels in Central Dry Zone, Coastal and Delta, Hilly Region and South Eastern Part of Myanmar.